let's link together

Building educational equity for foreign exchange students through social media.


With a student team of myself, and two other graphic design majors, we identified an opportunity to support high school forgeign exchange students with the power of social media. For high school foreign exchange students experiencing cultural shock, Link connects students across the globe to assist each other in adapting to their new environments.

the problem

of foreign students in the US have no close friends.

(The Power of International Education)

This contributes to bad mental health consisting of feelings isolation, frustration, anxiety, despression, and especially home sickness, culture shock, and language barriers

our user

High School Forgein Exchange Students

“The hardest part is trying to make new connections with others”

building the identity

The Logo

Our goal here was to develope a logo that kept two things in mind. One being the concept of linking or connecting things together, another being that this was a place you could go to talk with others.



The rounded typeface we chose was to give the feeling of welcoming, and non-judgemental.

building the interface

When building the interface we wanted to make a play on the message bubble idea. As well as incorporate many rounded corners as they envoke warmth and trust.

Atomic Design

As we began to build the prototypes using the collaborative tool Figma, we esablished that we would use atomic design, created by Brad Frost. This methodology for creating design systems helped us create our interface in a fast an organized way.

our solution

I was able to take the screens we had prototyped for our solution and put them into a promotional video to help users understand what link can do for them.


Once we had setteled the design of the app, we began to develop the front end using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a little bit of PHP using Wordpress blocks.

Pattern Library

Using the components we had established durring our design of the interface, I began to build a pattern library so that we could easily peice the interface together to build the app.

Functional Prototype

We were easily able to split the screens between us and fastly create the functional prototype of the app. Here is the user flow of creating a new account.

what’s next?

As I begin to learn more about Wordpress sites, and building components using Gutenberg Blocks. I have begun to create a pattern library that could easily be put to use with PHP.

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