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Re-branded UX service design for covid-19 guidelines.

view my process below

view my process below


Toppings is locally owned frozen yogurt shop in Big Rapids, Michigan struggling to survive under the new government mandated guidelines put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of this project was to provide a fresh new re-brand as well as impliment a desktop and mobile interface to create a more user friendly experience so that this small business can stay up and running while maintaining old customers, and gain new ones under the new guidelines.

the problem

Below is the current interface that displays the overall look and feel of the branding, as well as gives us a look at the current services offered.

Services offered does not include a online order optionfor pick up or delivery.

Information is unclear as to hours or modifications made for new guidelines.

our users


“I just want to safely endure my fro-yo with out the new fears of the pandemic in the back of my mind”

Business Owner/Staff

“I need to s keep my business afloat during these uncertain times.”

building the experience

The Five E’s Model

This was used to create a meaningful service experience. It helps identify certain touchpoints that may be needed throughout the users journey.

building the identity

The Logo

A goal of my sketches were to show the friendliness of a local business, while also abstractly indicating the swirl of fro-yo.

The pink and green were to keep in mind the original branding put into place, as well as the other colors put in for each fruit shown

applying to touchpoints

Social Media

In order to entice users in the area, marketing ads were made to make the community more aware of their business.


To remind existing customers of what they offer, and changes made to accomidate the new mandate.

Confirmation Notification

When customers make an order they will get texts updates about their current order, including who is making it, when its beginning to be made, and once its finished being made to ensure you will be ready so it never comes to you warm.

To Go Containers

In order to extend the experience small containers were designed so that the user can safely transport the fro-yo home, and keep it cold.

Employee Uniform

The uniforms have been updated to follow the new branding, as well as a face mask to abide by the new guidelines.

building the interface

As I was evaluating the current website for Toppings I noticed it needed a new refreshing look, as well as new accomidations made to meet the mandate guidelines.

Site Mapping

My main goal here was to incorporate the option for online ordering to limit contact with other people and preventing the need of having to go in and risk seeing other people.

Sketching and Wire Framing

When begining to build this interface, sketching and wire framing helped me determine how important to make some information over others and creating proper hierarchy for the things users may need.

Hi-fedelity Prototype

Below is the process a user would go through in order to create a pick up order on the website.

the solution

Our proposed solution involves combining the need for a refreshed look, and a more user friendly website. The goal is to keep customers intrested as well as gain new customers during these trying times of the covid-19 pandemic.

what’s next?

My next steps would to be to build this branding into the environment as well as its surrounding community by creating more advertisement in the Big Rapids area.

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