getting on board with delta

Improving the boarding experience with updated user touchpoints.

the problem

Delta Airlines is trying to improve the current state of its boarding pass. It was my goal to examine the current boarding process and create a more efficient strategy.

Printed boarding pass design lacks proper hierarchy of information.

This is also due to a large amount of unnecessary and repetitive information.

our users

The occasional flyer is some one that may not have flown before and if they have it is only once or twice a year. Due to this they might need reminders of where to look for what when beginning or during the boarding process. They often times have to deal with something they are unfamiliar with when it comes to the different elements they may need.

user journey

“Why is the pass so big?”

“Why is the information on the mobile so different?”

“I can’t find my gate.”

brand audit

As united airlines is a strong competitor for delta it is important that we take what other air lines are doing into account.

The Printed boarding pass for them provides good hierarchy for its user to find what they need most without spenind a lot of time looking for it.

The mobile boarding pass is part of the apple wallet, and is also using good hierarchy of information. As well as has common consistency with other things inthe apple wallet making it easier to understand.

consistency is key

With the US moving away from passports and onto the Enhanced ID it was important that the pass would be able to fit in to a wallet as well as a passport, while also holding the constancy of what a mobile pass would look like.

REAL ID Symbol indicates that you have an enhanced ID which is now beingused in place of passports.

Testing to see if the size would fit horizontal as well as vertical for design purposes later.

Testing to see if it would fit well on a mobile screen for consistency across all possible touch points.

user insights

“Information would be easy to find.”

“What if it had the ‘tap thing’?”

“Does the mobile ticket help me with more than just information on the pass?”

"the tap thing"

“The tap thing” is also known as a Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology. This works from up to two inches away which may start to become a security issue.

Delta One Flyers

This option would only be able to be offered to Delta One members since their will be a record kept one them ensuring that they are who they say they are. Stopping others from using their pass. As they are boarding they can easily tap the card and the gate check can see all their information including a picture and records of valid international traveling.

the printed pass


Here are some initial sketches where I tried to remind myself to weed out all the unneccessary information so that I could create proper hierarchy of information on such a small touchpoint

The printed boarding pass will be printed on thicker ticket paper to avoid any wear and tear. These will be printed on 110lb paper with ink jet or digital print methods.

Bar code can stick out of top of passport for easy scanning

Or fit into wallet for when your passport is not needed.

Bar code can stick out of top of passport for easy scanning

Or fit into wallet for when your passport is not needed.

the mobile pass

The mobile ticket can be found as part of the Fly Delta application. Here it will continue to look the same as the printed version to hold the value of consistency

The Fly Delta mobile application misses opportunities for gate finding, flight updates, seating, etc.

“I can never find my gate!”

The find gate option was added to the already made Fly Delta app. This step will involve AR techniques to help you find your gate in a timely manner.

“I get so bored waiting there.”

Users stated that they often get to the airport early just incase something happens, but end up waiting around for almost hours at a time.

This step what incorporated so that flyers can find, food, shops, or even a bathroom while they wait, and can even used the AR to find it.

mobile interface


This added touch point to the mobile app will help users find their way around airports with real time navigation and keep them aware of their timing so that they can easily find what they need in a hurry.

Staying Busy

Users complained of having to wait around for long periods of time. Durring this they often are looking for something to do, whether its looking around shops, finding food, or using the bathroom. Here they are able to find all of the above and way find to their destination.

what's next?

The next steps in this project would be to build out the brand to have consistency in its elements across all touch points of the process.

Provide these way finding techniques on to kiosks at the airport.

Making a baggage ticket easier to understand with hierarchy so you never have to wonder if its yours ever again. As well as provide these way finding techniqueson to kiosks at the airport.

Making way finding easier with similar signage across all airports.

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