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Branding holistic medical care for youth in the city of Grand Rapids.

the problem

Every night in Kent County an average of 321 children and youth (ages 14-24) experience homelessness.

This has gone up 66% just in 2020 so far.

(US Department of Housing and Urban Development)

The city of Grand Rapids has a growing population of homeless and at-risk youth who are not receiving the healthcare they need. This is in large part due to lack of health insurance. These teens and young adults don’t have support through a parent’s health insurance plan and can’t afford decent insurance coverage on their own, let alone pay for care out-of-pocket.

our users


“I have always struggled with asthma, and the inhaler is very expensive. I always have issues with trying to get a hold of one to keep me safe.”


“I have always stressed the importance of health care. I just want to see people thrive and live a long life.”


“I just want to ensure that the youth of Grand Rapids areon the right path to holistic health so that they can help themselves and others.”

user insights

An interview was conducted with a Grand Rapids youth resident, Savante. This shows his experience when using other free medical clinics in the past

“Finding the right option for healtcare can be difficult when theres nothing that applies to you”

“The services they provide are not always clear or convenient”

the plan

To generate solutions for these problems, I began to understand our main insights and brainstormed some possible solutions to identify different ways this could be resolved.

building the identity

The Logo

A goal of my sketches was to convey inclusion and connection to give a sense of feeling whole. The plus represents healthcare, as well as adding all the different touchpoints of holisitic care together.

A rounded sanserif font over a sharp edge to apeal as more welcoming to my audience as well as connect with the roundedness of the icon. In hopes that it will convey our well rounded facility.

The blue represents the seriousness of our promise to provide holistic heath, where the orange shows how open and friendly we want to be so that our patients feel comfortable with us.

applying to touchpoints

Each user is an important asset to this clinic and they deserve to feel that way. Here are a few of stationary items to help them engagge with MedStart. This reminds them that they are able to continue to use our resources or hear about them for the first time by having the following items.


The patient is the most important asset to this clinic and they deserve to feel that way. This helps the patients know that they are able to continue to use our resources or hear about them for the first time by having these handed out at target market locations such has homeless shelters or schools.

Contact cards with our mission statement on them, as well as an appointment reminder for the patient to hold on to was made to help those who may not have access to the resources they need to keep track of things like this. This is to be handed out at our facility as needed.


The donor deserves to feel good about their contrubutions to the clinic. For this I have created a thank you card that can be hand written on by one of the board members. This can also be used for other things such as invitations to events.


The volunteer should be easily identifiable. Since this user is likely to be switched out a lot I have decided to go with an easy way to make it obivous they are a volunteer as well as easily provide a uniform for them. Identification badges must be worn by all volunteers, as well as a facemask to abide by the CDC guidelines in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

interface development

Every user has a need for a website in this process. Here is a little more about the proccess of the website.

Site Mapping

It was important that I incorporate the needs of each user into this website. The site map was made to make a clear flow for each user.


When creating the sketches for this website I wanted a clean look to provide clarity and proper hierarchy.

Wire Framing

Hi-Fedelity Prototype

user flows

Each user has a unique reason they are visiting the website. I have created three different paths within the webiste that has been determined by user insights.


Patients are easily able to create a new profile and answer questions that show that we care about their well-being.


Donors are able to use this easy tool so that they can learn more about how they can help out around their community and the clinic.


The website informs people about the clinic and encourages anyone and everyone to apply to donate their time.

what's next?

As I continue on with this project, I have taken the opportunity to begin creating a pattern library. By utilizing the Atomic Design Methodology, I quickly prototyped additional screens for MedStart’s interface.

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