Branding a free medical clinic that provides homeless, at-risk, and lowincome youth access to wellness resources and preventative health care on a consistent basis in a consistent location.

We Are Medstart

Each user is an important asset to this clinic and they deserve to feel that way. Here are a few of stationary items to help them engagge with MedStart. This reminds them that they are able to continue to use our resources or hear about them for the first time by having the following items.

Contact cards with the Medstart mission statement on them, as well as an appointment reminder for the patient to hold on to was made to help those who may not have access to the resources they need to keep track of things like this.

Building The Digital Interface

It was important that I incorporate the needs of not only the patient but volunteers to be able to sign-up and for others to donate to the cause into this website. The site map was made to make a clear flow for each user.

Patient FloW

A patient portal designed with a clean look to easily create a new profile by answering all the necessary questions needed. Here past medical records can be accessed and new appointments can be made by first answering the mood tracker.

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