Making house hold chores easier with a new trash bag package design.

A packaging redesign of Glad single size trash bags by combining the most popular types and sizes of trash bags purchased together into one package.

Defining the problem

Trash bags are sold in single packages, requiring the purchase of more than one box at a time to provide a home with different sizes. Multiple, separate packages causes clutter in the home where storage is limited.

Cluttered, disorganized packages cannot be accessed simultaneously


Alternate Orientations

Upon building the prototype I immediately noticed having to disclose the sizing with the direction of the dispensers.

Going Vertical

UThe uniform dispensing improved the speed with which a user could pick out size giving a much needed usability boost.

Brand Consistency

Keeping with Glads current branding system for their trash bags, I kept the on-box information the same so customers could scan the package for their same information they have used when shopping before.


Partnering with the Ferris State University Product Engineering program, I was able to apply my design to a 3D rendering of the new and improved package design.

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