Experience design to provide the graduating class of 2022 in the Ferris State University Graphic Design Program with an event at which they can present their portfolios to local professionals in the feild.

My Role

Graphics and Motion Design Production for Digital Presence

Design and Development of Digital Interfaces

Event Experience Design and Concept Development

Photography/Videography and its Post Production Editing

The Line

Giving the context to the concept, the line ecapsulates the performance of movement. The feild of design is always on the move and will continue to move.

Social Media

Using instagram videos I was able to incorporate animations using after effects, into our posts. Not only does the line continue to grow through our carosel posts, but also through our profile and our flexible typeface.

Our Typeface

Flexible Varient holds the movement and growth we wish to show all while showing exactly how flexible we have been during this time.

Hero Event Plug

Building engagement through having professionals sign up for email notifications on the Ferris Design Program website. Then later switching this out to direct users to the 2022 Spring Event microsite.


As a part of the Ferris Design Program website, we worked to combine the Ferris Design system with ours. Using common header and footers, ensuring there was no confusion to what we were apart of.

Displaying Student Work

In efforts to display student work, we decided to impliment 2x4ft tall foam core boards placed into plexiglass stands. Each student recieved their own board to display three featured of projects from their portfolio.

These were displayed on cocktail tables at the event and served as a barier for students to talk with professionals about their work.

Thank You Cards

With the many donations we recieved from our production partners we felt it was neccessary to send out thank you cards to them after the event.

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